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Empress Huang is respected

Empress Huang is respected

Empress Huang is respected

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    Empress Huang is respected
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    Table salt is not salt
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2022-02-16 21:14:40
It's a token. She would like to help the world, support the emperor and spend half her life in the army. In the end, she ended up with a miserable end that was used as bait by the tyrant and pierced her heart with thousands of arrows. The only thing in front of her was the man who had been the enemy with her for half her life once she was reborn, she chose the enemy of her previous life as the new Lord, wholeheartedly repay her kindness, save the world from fire and water, and shelve her love. She thought the new Lord was a wise king, but unexpectedly, the other party had another plot the man clasped her in his arms, and the tone was affectionate and nostalgic: "what I have planned for two generations is only you."

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