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My legal queen has too much sugar

My legal queen has too much sugar

My legal queen has too much sugar

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    My legal queen has too much sugar
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    Light smoke and light green
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    Beauty Read
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2022-04-26 07:12:23
Workplace rookie Gan Tang's ancestral grave was smoking. He accidentally became the assistant of Qiao Yiming, a senior partner of the law firm Qiao Yiming is calm and cool, with a proud education, handsome appearance and superb working ability Gan Tang, a rural girl who graduated from an unknown University, can't help crying when she meets a poor client with the help of Qiao Yiming, silly little crying bag became an excellent lawyer step by step, and finally became a senior partner of the law firm Gan Tang directly made the initial account number king, and his colleagues who once ridiculed and excluded Gan Tang were beaten in the face one by one it turns out that fate really has infinite possibilities the law is cold, but the legal person who makes the law work has temperature. There is a sad story behind every case through legal cases, while popularizing the law, we can feel the warmth and coldness of human relations and the coldness of the world, and also write down the persistence and perseverance of every legal person in daily work, the feelings between Gan Tang and Qiao Yiming also ferment and heat up they found Gan Tang's younger sister who had been kidnapped and trafficked since childhood. Gan Tang reconciled the estrangement between Qiao Yiming and his family Qiao Yiming gave Gan Tang the tenderest protection, and Gan Tang gave Qiao Yiming the warmest love and redeemed each other.

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