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Rebirth of the peasant family in space

Rebirth of the peasant family in space

Rebirth of the peasant family in space

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    Rebirth of the peasant family in space
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    Cat wood
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    Beauty Read
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2022-02-17 04:54:43
She Mu Tianling was the legitimate daughter of the prime minister's house. She was given a phoenix spirit pendant to marry the crown prince however, on the wedding day, cousin Mu Tianxin married for her. She was imprisoned by cousin Mu Tianxin and tortured with all kinds of torture just to get the Phoenix spirit pendant "come on, pull her cramp, peel her skin and abandon her body in the wilderness." "Sister, don't blame me for being cruel. This is what the prince's brother means. Feng Lingpei's brother is going to decide. Sister, you'd better hand it over quickly to avoid suffering from flesh and skin." "ah... Ah..." Mu Tianling felt that those people pulled her flesh and skin off with a knife. She just smiled and swallowed her last breath. on the road of reincarnation, she was sucked into a different world by an inexplicable suction in front of the Naihe bridge. she became a thousand year ghost in a different world. wandering in a different world for thousands of years, she accidentally passed a broken temple and was suddenly shrouded in golden light. when she opened her eyes again, she returned to the time and space of her previous life, She came back from the dead and became the eighth mother of a peasant family: Mu Ziyan lived a new life. She met him here and had a different life

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